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Just a reminder to Tea With Betty followers…we have moved…all Tea With Betty  blog content has moved to our new, more robust site at www.eatbetea.com – this will be the final post on this Tea With Betty blog site.

At Eat Be Tea  I continue to write about tea & tea encounters, food & food spots, and the “being” aspect of tea time.  We all have stories to tell…these are mine – experienced while searching for unique and meaningful food and tea adventures, along with writing about the ones shared and learned from my mom, Betty.

Eat . Be . Tea is a modern take on teatime… Below is our new look.

Enjoy…and Drink Tea… It’s good for you 🙂

Eat . Be . Tea new blog look...

Eat . Be . Tea new blog look…


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Reminder…Drawing For Tea With Betty Books June 30

We’ve turned a new leaf and moved all Tea With Betty content to our new, more robust blog site called Eat . Be . Tea  — Tea With Betty followers please click here and subscribe to eatbetea to get posts automatically sent to your email.  Thank you to those followers who have already made the move…

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We’re Moving … Please Move With Us …

Tea With Betty is turning a new leaf.  Please follow us.  It’s easy.  Click here to check us out and subscribe to www.eatbetea.com

All of Tea With Betty’s content now lies on Eat . Be . Tea.   With this move, we will  be able to add a few things; such as videos (coming soon). You will see demonstrations of food preparations and tea discoveries, while also getting  a bird’s eye view of some of the tea tasting classes we will be doing.

Eat . Be . Tea new blog look...

Eat . Be . Tea blog – our new look…

As a  thank you for continuing to follow us on Eat . Be. Tea, we will be giving away three personalized Tea With Betty Books via a random drawing from our followers on June 30 …so subscribe now.

Eat . Be . Tea’s  focus will be on EATING….including many more recipes...BEING …more stories about the “being” which happens over a cup of tea and TEA…more specifics about quality teas, how to prepare them and where to get them.

Thanks for your support and following.  You are truly appreciated.  See you over at www.eatbetea.com

Drink tea!


Who is Betty?

I have two Betty’s in my life.

Betty #1 was my favorite person to have tea with.  She was as enthralled with the mood it inspired and the petite foods as much as me.  Whether a simple piece of toast or a formal tea, we found the time inspiring, collaborative and thought provoking. Often we used the time to conspire some event or to debrief a novel we were reading.

She was a skilled and intuitive cook, as well as, a much loved caterer in the 1980’s – mid 90’s in South Orange County, California.  Mrs. T, she was called.  Her clients loved seeing her show up.  She was greeted with “Hey, Mrs. T is here, what do you have for us today?”  Now that I think of it, guess I could have called the blog Tea With Mrs. T ☺   ….oh, she was also my mother, who I adored and cooked with every night growing up. While she passed away ten years ago, she left her love and joy of food as a way to bring family together ingrained in us.

Betty #2 represents the much loved English Brown Betty Teapot originally made in Staffordshire, England.  It’s acclaim is that it was the best pot to steep loose tea as it’s round bowl allows the leaves to float freely and exude their tea liquor.  It was made of red clay in the 17th century.  It is still an effective pot to steep tea and comes in several sizes.  They can be ordered on line or found in several retail outlets. Check it out at the Englishteastore.com

Below is my 2 cup Brown Betty Teapot

This one is the model for the cover of the tea manual, Tea With Betty.

Brown Betty Teapot made in Staffordshire, England

Teatime can be….anytime

Tea with Betty is a tea manual.  It is a substantive guide and a personal exploration into tea in America.  This blog is an outgrowth of the author’s lifelong obsession into finding a great cup of tea. The content will be simple, informative and educational.  We will demonstrate traditional and contemporary ways to create tea time worthy of becoming an exciting, integral part of America’s daily experience.  Our focus will be on building menus with flavor, texture and variety that pair foods with tea and show how tea time naturally fosters an environment conducive to conversation and sharing.

If you are not sure of the difference between an oolong and a Puerh, we will provide practical information on types of teas, brewing methods and the importance of using quality ingredients, starting with the water you use.

See you in February … on our blog….we appreciate your comments.